Benefits of the QASource Distributed Agile® Model

  • Flexible cost model and Savings of 50% or above on North American QA costs
  • Quick ramp-up of QA resources as necessary
  • Hard-to-find skillsets readily available
  • 24/7 testing
  • Testing in North American time zones
  • Low overhead for training new staff
  • Reduced management overhead
  • U.S. management, embedded engineers, and our onsite-offshore staffing model enable companies to avoid risk

How It Works

How does QASource make outsourcing QA successful? We use a Distributed Agile® hybrid staffing model that combines offshore, nearshore and onsite technical talent with U.S. management.

  • Ensure Offshore/Nearshore Quality
  • Manage Communication
  • Resolving logistical issues
  • Attend project meetings
  • Available 24/7 for real time project status

We Reduce the Chances of a Disconnect Between North American Clients and Offshore/Nearshore QA Teams With Our Offshore-Onsite Model

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