What Is Load and Performance Testing?

Performance testing involves examining the responsiveness, speed, and stability of an application and ensures that a computer, device, network, or software application performs as expected while under specific workload conditions. Performance testing services help in optimizing resource allocation, ensuring compliance with SLAs, and improving system stability. A strong performance testing strategy includes tests that evaluate the reliability, processing speed, data transfer rate, throughput, network bandwidth, and affordable load limit through various performance testing activities.

Load testing ascertains how well the system can manage the anticipated load and spot any bottlenecks, performance problems, or scalability constraints. Our load testing services validate system scalability by assessing how well the infrastructure can handle increasing user loads. To evaluate a software program, system, or website's performance and behavior under typical and peak load situations, load testing services mimic heavy workloads and high traffic volumes on the target system or website.

QASource’s Performance Testing Services

QASource, a performance testing company, with a team of experts, ensures that each of our clients selects the performance testing tools, application monitoring tools, and tech stack that complement their software development lifecycle, team structure, and testing needs. Our performance testing experts possess a tool-agnostic approach and expertise to utilize the most suitable tools based on specific load and performance testing requirements. Below are a few of the most common performance testing solutions we provide to our clients.
  • Load Testing

    Test the application’s ability to handle certain amounts of data
  • Scalability Testing

    Test software’s ability to scale up or scale down according to its non-functional capability
  • Soak Testing

    Test a system’s performance with the typical production load for a prolonged period to validate functionality
  • Resilience Testing

    Evaluate the application’s performance under stress or chaotic conditions
  • Endurance Testing

    Test the application’s capability to endure huge data loads for prolonged periods
  • Stress Testing

    Check software for robustness by testing it beyond the limits of normal operation
  • Configuration Testing

    Ensure that the system is supporting all hardware and software configurations
  • Capacity testing

    Check application’s ability to handle traffic without compromising UX
  • Volume Testing

    Check system performance under increased data volumes in the database
  • Spike Testing

    Test the software’s capability to handle sudden fluctuations (increase or decrease) in traffic

Why Load Testing Services Are Essential?

Load testing services ensure optimal performance, scalability, and reliability of applications and systems, enhancing the user experience, mitigating risks, and meeting business objectives. Here are some of the reasons why load testing services are needed:

  • Performance Evaluation

    Evaluate the performance and behavior of an application or system under realistic and high-demand conditions

  • Scalability Assessment

    Determine the scalability of an application or system

  • Identify Performance Bottlenecks

    Identify the performance bottlenecks in an application or system by simulating heavy loads

  • Ensure High Availability

    Ensures application can manage huge amounts of concurrent users and transactions without downtime

  • Validate System Requirements

    Validate the application or system meets the performance requirements defined in the project specifications

  • Enhance User Experience

    Ensure positive user experience by detecting and resolving performance issues that could impact usability

  • Risk Mitigation

    Mitigate risks associated with high user loads or sudden traffic spikes

  • Performance Tuning and Optimization

    Provides valuable insights into the performance characteristics of an application or system

  • Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

    To comply with industry standards, regulatory guidelines, or contractual obligations

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    Early detection and resolution of performance issues reduces the likelihood of costly rework, production outages, or post-deployment performance-related issues

Crafting a Winning Performance Testing
Services Approach

The team follows the standard approach listed below to accomplish the goal in accordance with the performance test plan:

  • Performance testing experts will gather the test requirements and objectives
  • Feasibility analysis of the requirement and identification of the best-suited performance testing tool
  • Create the test plan and get sign-off from stakeholders
  • Develop the performance test scripts for the identified business workflows
  • Execution of performance test scripts as per the plan
  • Resource Monitoring through the APM tool while testing applications with load
  • Analysis of test results and sharing the performance test report with the stakeholders

Performance Testing: Elevate Your App's Excellence With QASource

Rest assured, we're here to fortify the dependability, responsiveness, and consistent top-tier performance of your vital business applications, underpinning your brand's enduring success. Moreover, we seamlessly weave performance engineering into your CI/CD pipeline so you can pinpoint potential bottlenecks right from the start of your software development journey.

  • Implement testing strategies that are compatible with all performance testing requirements, regardless of the underlying technology
  • Seamless integration with the existing QA team
  • Development of an efficient and robust performance script for critical scenarios
  • Get in-depth analysis for performance tuning and optimization
  • Get CoE access when in doubt about performance excellence

Select the Most Appropriate Tools for Load and Performance Testing Services

Our team of performance testing experts ensures that each of our clients selects the performance testing tools, application monitoring tools, and tech stack that complement their software development lifecycle, team structure, and testing needs. Our performance testing experts possess a tool-agnostic approach and expertise to utilize the most suitable tools for load and performance testing based on specific requirements. A few common tools our team uses for load and performance testing services are:

Check out a Recent Load and Performance Testing Case Study

Mobile Testing Challenge

  • Load testing with 50k+ user loads
  • Monitoring of servers during a load test run
  • Automatic test execution setup
  • Distribute loads from different Geo-locations

Mobile Testing Solutions

  • Identified Best Suited Tool
  • Identified Cloud Platform for high load generation and geo-location support
  • Integration with the APM tool
  • Automatic execution with the CI tool

Mobile Testing Results

  • Completed one test iteration within 5 weeks
  • Successfully load tested with 50k+ user load
  • Tested for different Geo-locations
  • Reported high-priority issues with transaction requests
    • Identified slow transactions and requested timeout issues
    • Issues with third-party requests
    • OutOfMemoryError exceptions
    • High resource utilization of app and DB servers
    • Poor DB queries for search operations
    • Server and Gateway timeout errors

Reasons To Choose QASource for Load and Performance Testing Services

70+ Projects and 150+ Years of Collective Experience

QASource has worked with numerous clients for load and performance testing needs over the last 23+ years and has garnered extensive experience

Center of Excellence(CoE)

QASource has a dedicated performance testing Center of Excellence (CoE) consisting of experts and specialists who can support any testing requirement

Tools and Technology Agnostic

QASource works with various load testing tools and technologies to provide tailored solutions to the customers that best meet their needs, regardless of the tools and technologies involved

Upfront Feasibility and Planning

QASource's expert team performs feasibility and test planning to provide a solid foundation for successful performance testing. They help define goals, allocate resources, determine the scope of testing, formulate strategies, assess risks, and manage project timelines effectively

Team Flexibility

QASource offers the flexibility to easily scale your team up or down according to your project's requirements

True Collaboration

QASource provides adaptable engagement models tailored to meet each client's specific requirements, along with personalized performance testing services designed to support organizations in achieving their goals

Unlocking AI-Driven Performance Excellence

QASource expert team is at the forefront of leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to redefine performance and load testing. Our commitment to innovation means harnessing AI's transformative power to achieve unparalleled performance testing benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you identify the best tool for load testing services?

Identifying the best tool for load testing services requires careful consideration of several factors. Here are some steps you can follow to make an informed decision:

  • Understand the test requirements
  • Explore available load-testing tools and their key features (such as scripting capabilities, protocol support, reporting, etc.) that support the desired protocols
  • Evaluate the feasibility of business-critical performance test scenarios using load testing tools
  • Evaluate the scalability capabilities and performance of the tool
  • Consider the cost and licensing models of the tools

What sorts of applications can QASource test for performance?

QASource has expertise in performance testing of different types of applications that include:

  • Web-based applications
  • Mobile application
  • Desktop application
  • Testing of APIs

What are the various pain areas addressed by the performance testing services?

Performance testing services address the following pain points:

  • Poor application performance
  • Slow load times
  • Poor scalability
  • Poor user experience
  • Inadequate response times

What are the most common outcomes of performance testing?

Performance testing services can provide clients with various outcomes, such as:

  • Identifying performance bottlenecks
  • Understanding system capacity
  • Improved application speed and response times
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Increased reliability and availability
  • Reduced risk of downtime

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