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In a rapidly evolving digital world, test automation can help companies overcome the challenges of rapid development cycles and growing customer demands while delivering high quality software products. Partner with our team of dedicated experts who can empower your business and help you meet your goals by running seamless, rapid and automated test suites.


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Achieve Better Quality With QASource,
an Automation Testing Company

QASource is an automation testing company with expertise to help you:

  • Effectively develop automated test scripts
  • Regression test your application
  • Thoroughly assess every test cycle
  • Release better software with improved testing accuracy
  • Build test automation environments rapidly
  • Optimize your automation strategy and improve the quality of your product to deliver exceptional user experience
  • Eliminate possibilities of human errors in high-risk QA processes
  • Spot bugs as soon as they appear so that they can be fixed quickly
  • Enhance the breadth of in-house testing capabilities without hiring additional resources by partnering with an outsourcing company
  • Save time and money

Get More QA Coverage With QASource Test Automation Services

QASource, a leading test automation company, will help you to define and implement appropriate strategies and methodologies for your test automation services and then measure and evaluate them.

  • Select best suited automation tool for product technologies and requirements
  • Develop modular, portable, maintainable and reusable automation framework
  • Integrate various tools & technologies with automation framework
  • Regression test your application
  • Develop robust automated tests and environments
  • Assess every test cycle thoroughly

QASource Automation Testing Services Company: Save Time and Release Faster

Who isn’t looking to speed up their release cycles and get their products to market faster? As more organizations emphasize Agile development and DevOps methodologies, quality automation testing services, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with development teams, become critical.

Want to learn more about QASource Software Automation Testing Services?

Maintainable, Portable & Extensible
Test Automation

QASource can help you build a portable extensible test automation suite with:

  • Shared object repository
  • Common libraries
  • Reusable actions
  • Full commenting
  • Segregated modules
  • Global parameters
  • Standard naming conventions
  • Customized waiting mechanism
  • Independent test scripts
  • Parallel execution
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Re-execution logic
  • Data driven tests
  • Integration with CI/CD pipeline
  • Running test suites on cloud

and many more advance features...

Automation Capabilities

Web, Mobile and Desktop Automation
Programming/Scripting Languages
Unit Testing Tools
API Test Automation Tools
CI/CD Tools
Cloud Execution Environments
Source Code Management

Automated Test Development and Execution Services

QASource has a team of top-of-the-line automation engineers who can rapidly and effectively build your QA automation test environment by:

  • Designing the automation framework
  • Developing automated test scripts
  • Regression-testing your application
  • Creating a thorough assessment for each test cycle
  • Tracking of automation ROI

Experience Extensive Test Automation Services

  • Framework types
  • Automation tools
  • Programming languages
  • CI tools
  • Build release management
  • Integration technologies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are test automation services necessary for your business?

The need for quality assurance and efficient software testing has never been higher. Businesses are turning to QA automation testing services to streamline their testing processes and improve the overall quality of their software applications. QASource's testing services can help your business achieve this goal by automating manual testing activities and providing the expertise and resources needed for effective implementation. By utilizing our services, you can reduce manual effort, increase test coverage, and ensure that your software applications are functioning as they should be.

What advantages can test automation services offer?

A reliable test automation company can provide numerous advantages to organizations:

  • Automating manual testing activities can increase testing efficiency, reduce manual effort, and human error
  • Improve overall software quality
  • It can also allow for quicker and more comprehensive testing, leading to faster detection and resolution of software defects
  • In long-term, it cuts the net cost, as manual QA engineers count decreases with the automation of test cases

What tests should be automated?

The decision of which tests to automate depends on a variety of factors, including the type of software being tested, the size and complexity of the software, and the desired outcome of the testing process.

However, as a general rule, automated testing services are best suited for:

  • Repetitive tests
  • Time-consuming tests
  • Tests that are prone to human errors
  • Tests that cannot be performed manually
  • Test scenarios which should be tested on multiple data sets

What type of automation testing services does QASource provide?

  • Web automation
  • Android and iOS apps automation
  • Windows and MacOS apps automation
  • API automation