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Comprehensive Software Test Automation Services

Overcome manual testing limitations with our automation services. Ensure consistent quality, comprehensive coverage, and faster release cycles. Integrate seamlessly with your CI/CD pipelines and empower your team to focus on innovation while we handle the rigorous testing process.

AI-augmented QA Assistant

Expanding Automated Test Coverage isn’t Always Straightforward

When the road to comprehensive testing gets tough, technical debt piles up, and resources feel overburdened, remember you're not facing it alone. We're here with a blend of AI-driven tools and experienced test engineers, collaborating closely with your developers. Together, we'll not only tackle your technical debt but ensure your software consistently surpasses quality benchmarks.

It’s Your Choice

Traditional Software Test Automation

  • Tried and Tested: Rely on reusable libraries that have delivered impeccable results over decades
  • Scripted Precision: Utilize custom automation scripts that cater to unique project specifications, ensuring detailed coverage
  • Human Expertise: Lean on the experience of software testing engineers who design, monitor, and validate every test scenario

AI-augmented Software Test Automation

  • Futuristic Testing: Experience a blend of sophisticated AI and human precision
  • Dynamic Test Case Generation: Effortlessly translate requirements into test cases through any format input, from raw documents to structured files
  • Human-AI Synergy: While AI streamlines testing, our engineers ensure the AI's outputs align perfectly with quality standards
  • Boost Productivity: Our AI-augmented software test automation automatically simplifies testing by generating test cases

Beyond Just Testing: A Strategic Approach to Personalized Automation

We're more than just a test automation company, we're your strategic partner. Let us guide you in designing and executing the most effective test automation strategies tailored to your unique needs.

Custom Tool Selection

Identify the automation tool that perfectly matches your product's technology and specifications

Innovative Framework Development

Craft an automation framework that's modular, portable, and designed for long-term efficiency and reusability

Seamless Tool Integration

Combine diverse tools and technologies harmoniously within your automation structure

Thorough Regression Testing

Ensure changes to your application do not introduce new defects

Robust Test Automation

Develop resilient automated tests and establish environments built for consistency

In-depth Cycle Evaluation

Dive deep into every test cycle for insights and optimizations

Implement Best Practices

Leverage our extensive experience and expertise to incorporate up-to-date and proven software testing methodologies, ensuring robust and reliable test outcomes

Reporting & Metrics

Our comprehensive reporting provides detailed, actionable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions and continually refine your software's performance

Our Unique Frameworks

Traditional Test Automation Framework

  • Structured Execution: A systematic approach that guarantees exhaustive coverage of all software facets
  • In-depth Analyses: Draw insights from test results, pinpointing software issues early for efficient rectification
  • Consistent Performance: Achieve predictable outcomes through detailed scripting and careful execution

AI-augmented Testing Framework

  • Natural Language Understanding: Our AI’s ability to interpret complex requirements transforms them into actionable test scenarios
  • Iterative Learning: Continuous adaptation to your coding standards and methodologies, improving precision over time
  • AI-Enabled Test Script Generation: We utilize AI's prowess to auto-convert test cases into executable automation scripts, amplifying productivity and efficiency while ensuring comprehensive and timely test deployments
  • Enhanced Reporting: Using natural language queries for intuitive reports, extracting data effectively for insightful decision-making

Comprehensive Test Automation Services

Our test automation services are designed to address any testing challenges
with a refined blend of reusability, clarity, and adaptability.

  • Shared Object Repository: Centralize and manage your test objects effortlessly
  • Common Libraries: Standardize your processes for streamlined testing
  • Reusable Actions: Maximize efficiency with actions you can use across multiple tests
  • Segregated Modules: Organize your tests with clear, isolated modules for better management
  • Distinct Logic Segregation: Separate the framework and business logic, ensuring that changes in application workflows won't affect framework libraries
  • Automatic Framework Logic Implementation: Ensure consistent updates across application automation suites
  • Customized Object Synchronization: Intelligent wait times tailored to your application's needs
  • Independent Test Scripts: Modular scripts that run independently, giving you flexibility and reliability
  • Cross-Browser Testing: Ensure your application shines across all browsers
  • Re-execution Logic: Smart mechanisms to retry and ensure the validity of failed tests
  • Error Handling: Robust mechanisms to detect, handle, report, and mitigate unexpected errors or exceptions during testing and help avoid false positives
  • Self-Healing Tests: By leveraging historical data and custom property weighting, our self-healing mechanism swiftly adapts to object property changes, intelligently assessing and updating tests in real time, promoting enhanced script reusability across various applications and environments
  • Data-Driven Tests: Empower your tests with dynamic data sources for comprehensive coverage
  • Visual Verification: Utilize tools like Applitools or computer vision techniques to validate applications' visual aspects, ensuring they render correctly across various devices and resolutions.
  • Parallel Execution: Speed up the testing process by running multiple tests simultaneously
  • CI/CD Pipeline Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your continuous integration and deployment processes
  • Cloud-Based Test Suites: Leverage the power of cloud computing for scalable, remote testing
  • Global Parameters: Ensure consistent testing conditions regardless of where you're testing
  • Standard Naming Conventions: Keep things uniform and easy to identify
  • Extensive, Customized and Intuitive Automation Execution Reporting: Deliver detailed and user-friendly reports, highlighting test outcomes, coverage, and areas of concern
  • Full Commenting: Every step is documented for clarity and future reference

And an array of other advanced features tailored to drive your testing to the next level.

Integration Framework for AI in Software Test Generation

Combining traditional methodologies with AI can revolutionize software testing. Although AI-driven automation can improve efficiency, the intricacies of testing still require the expertise of experienced engineers. This combination ensures high productivity without compromising the accuracy and precision that only human knowledge can offer.

Auto-Generated Test Cases

This component leverages the power of AI to generate test cases based on the requirements provided automatically. By feeding model-specific software requirements, it produces a comprehensive set of test cases covering various scenarios, edge cases, and potential user interactions.


  • Efficiency: Reduces manual effort and time spent creating test cases
  • Comprehensiveness: Ensures a wide coverage of scenarios, including those that might be overlooked manually
  • Consistency: Provides a standardized set of test cases, reducing variability and human error


  • Refinement Needed: While AI can generate many test cases, manual oversight might be required to refine and prioritize them
  • Training: The model might need to be trained or fine-tuned for specific domains or complex applications

Automation Script Generator

Once the test cases are generated, this component transforms them into executable automation scripts. These scripts can be integrated into various testing frameworks, allowing for automated execution of the test cases.


  • Speed: Accelerates testing by quickly converting test cases into executable scripts
  • Flexibility: Can be tailored to produce scripts compatible with various testing frameworks and environments
  • Reusability: Generated scripts can be stored and reused for regression testing in future development cycles


  • Complex Scenarios: Some intricate test cases require manual intervention or tweaking in the script generation
  • Maintenance: Scripts might need updates or modifications as software evolves to stay relevant

Test Results Analysis

This component employs AI to monitor test execution in real-time. It provides insights into the results, identifies patterns, and can even suggest potential fixes or areas of concern.


  • Proactive Issue Identification: Monitoring in real-time can quickly pinpoint errors or failures, reducing the debugging time
  • Insightful Reporting: Goes beyond pass/fail results to provide deeper insights into test performance, potential bottlenecks, or areas of improvement
  • Continuous Learning: The AI model learns from each test cycle, enhancing its monitoring capabilities and insights


  • Dependency on Data: The accuracy and depth of insights depend on the quality and comprehensiveness of test data
  • Integration: Ensuring seamless integration with various test environments and frameworks might require initial setup efforts

Automation Capabilities

Web, Mobile and Desktop Automation
Programming/Scripting Languages
Unit Testing Tools
API Test Automation Tools
CI/CD Tools
Cloud Execution Environments
Source Code Management

Test Automation Transformation: A Digital Publisher's Journey

Mobile Testing Client Profile

A leading online publishing company, known for supplying premium digital content to libraries, organizations, and medical professionals. With a vast reach, the company also diversifies its content delivery through databases, online journals, and magazines.

Mobile Testing The Hurdle

Despite being an e-publishing behemoth with a formidable team of 100+ developers, 53 functional QA experts, and 10 automation specialists, the company grappled with the intricate nuances of test automation. Their challenges were underscored by:

  • An 8-week release cycle accounts for roughly 40,000 working hours
  • Each release necessitated the involvement of more than 20 functional QA engineers
  • Lack of automation tracking tools
  • A notable number of false positives in their existing automation framework
  • The absence of an efficient system to generate test data

Mobile Testing Our Approach

  • Team Design

    We integrated with the client's existing structure using a team extension approach.

    30 test automation professionals were onboarded within four weeks. This team was divided into five smaller groups, each focusing on specific milestones.

    Regular reports, progress tracking, and interactions with the client's stakeholders were established.

  • Test Automation

    An automation framework was developed, accompanied by the necessary libraries.

    This led to automating 75% of the regression test cases across different product interfaces.

  • Regression Analysis

    A daily review process for nightly regression tests was implemented.

    This ensured timely rectification of false positives and prompt reporting of new bugs.

Mobile Testing The Transformation

  • The client’s 40,000-hour release effort was reduced by 75%
  • Automation coverage was brought up to 75%
  • The need for manual engineers decreased by 76%
  • A 6-month project was delivered on time and within the budget
  • A centralized wiki was set up to house process guidelines, checklists, and automation reports
  • The manual test cases that remained were assessed, leading to the creation of an automation backlog

Optimize Your QA With
Advanced Automation Techniques

We offer a unique blend of traditional and AI-augmented testing methods that cater to the diverse needs of software development teams. Whether you prefer to stick with proven conventional methods or want to explore the cutting edge of AI in software testing, we design our solutions to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and coverage.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are test automation services necessary for your business?

  • The need for quality assurance and efficient software testing has never been higher. Businesses are turning to QA automation testing services to streamline their testing processes and improve the overall quality of their software applications. QASource's testing services can help your business achieve this goal by automating manual testing activities and providing the expertise and resources needed for effective implementation
  • Utilizing our services can reduce manual effort, increase test coverage, and ensure your software applications function as they should

What advantages can test automation solutions offer?

A reliable test automation company can provide numerous advantages to organizations:

  • Automating manual testing activities can increase testing efficiency, reduce manual effort, and human error
  • Improving overall software quality facilitates faster detection and resolution of defects through comprehensive testing
  • In the long-term, it cuts the net cost, as the manual QA engineers count decreases with the automation of test cases

What tests should be automated?

The decision of which tests to automate depends on various factors, including the type of software being tested, the size and complexity of the software, and the desired outcome of the testing process.

However, as a general rule, automated testing services are best suited for:

  • Repetitive tests
  • Time-consuming tests
  • Tests that are prone to human errors
  • Tests that cannot be performed manually
  • Test scenarios that should be tested on multiple data sets
  • Tests must be tested on multiple environments, browsers, platforms, devices, etc

What type of automation testing services does QASource provide?

  • Web automation
  • Android and iOS apps automation
  • Windows and MacOS apps automation
  • API automation

What is the difference between traditional and AI-Augmented test automation?

Traditional test automation relies on predefined scripts and frameworks to run tests. AI-augmented test automation combines the power of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (like ChatGPT) with traditional testing. This synergy allows for dynamic test case generation and improved coverage.

How can I ensure the test automation suite is maintainable and extensible?

Building a test suite with shared object repositories, reusable actions, standard naming conventions, full commenting, and independent test scripts is important to ensure that it is easy to maintain and extend. Moreover, incorporating features like parallel execution, cross-browser testing, and data-driven tests can further enhance the reliability and robustness of the suite.

How does each service integrate with existing testing tools and frameworks?

Our services have been crafted to ensure seamless integration with your current setup without needing replacement. These services are designed to complement each other, working together to enhance your productivity.

How can I ensure seamless integration of the outsourced team with my in-house development team?

Our integration processes involve regular communication, shared tools, collaboration platforms, clearly defined processes, periodic alignment meetings, and training sessions.

What formats can I provide in my requirements for the AI-augmented method?

From raw documents to structured files, our system is versatile enough to process a range of formats.

How do you ensure the accuracy of the automated tests in both methods?

In traditional methods, seasoned experts meticulously script and monitor tests. In AI-Augmented testing, the system continuously learns and hones its precision while experts validate outcomes.

Can we test both traditional and AI-augmented test automation services before fully committing?

We offer demos and proofs-of-concept (PoC).

How do the services handle multiple platforms like web, mobile, and desktop?

Both services are versatile and capable of consistent testing across web, mobile, desktop, and embedded software.

What measures are in place to ensure data security and confidentiality, especially in AI-augmented testing?

Data integrity is a top priority. All interactions and exchanges are encrypted with industry-standard security protocols, ensuring GDPR compliance.

How do the costs differ between the two approaches?

Costs vary based on project complexity and scale. However, we’re dedicated to crafting a financial structure tailored to your requirements.

What kind of support can we expect post-implementation?

Expect comprehensive support through troubleshooting, updates, and training to maximize service value.

How does this service impact the role of our existing QA team?

These services act as tools, not replacements. They handle repetitive tasks, allowing your QA team to focus on intricate scenarios and strategic QA planning.

Is there a risk of the AI system missing out on complex testing scenarios?

Our hybrid approach ensures complex scenarios are tackled with the combined depth of AI and human expertise.