QASource’s Security Testing Services & Solutions

Our security testing experts employ a variety of techniques to make sure that our client’s software or application has been tested thoroughly with the most up to date tools and methodologies.

Penetration Testing Services

Cross-site Scripting, SQL Injection, Cross-site Request Forgery, and HTTP Response Splitting

App Level Testing Services

Integrity Testing, Authentication Testing, Authorization Testing, Availability Testing, and Non-Repudiation Testing

Testing DoS and DDoS Vulnerabilities

DoS Attacks using SQL Wildcards, DoS Locking Customer Accounts, DoS Buffer Overflows, User Input as a Loop Counter, Consuming the Disk, Storing Too Much Data in Session

Security Code Review

Define a Process to Perform Code Review, Identify Vulnerabilities, Find Incorrect/Poor Coding Techniques, Identify Security Issues Specific to Application Domain

QASource's Security Testing Services & Methodology

  • Evaluating your application’s security to current real-world attacks using different manual techniques
  • Exposing security design flaws in your application
  • Identifying security vulnerabilities from implementation errors
  • Revealing shortcomings that arise from the application’s relationship to the rest of your IT infrastructure
  • Building end user trust with increased overall application security

Security Testing Case Study

One of our top clients is a leader in the corporate email hosting space and boasts more than 2,000 customers globally, which range from emerging startups to established international enterprises.

Mobile Testing Challenge

This client's proprietary technology safeguards individual customer data and enterprise customers from malicious hackers, but with the risk of cyber attacks increasing every day, the client had to lock down the security of their application and turned to our team for a helping hand.

Mobile Testing Solutions

Tool Selection Advice

One of the biggest challenges for teams unfamiliar with security testing is choosing the right tool kit. QASource brought significant domain expertise to the table, implementing top solutions like Fiddler, Apache JMeter, AppScan, NTOSpider, and others to thoroughly test the client’s application.

Compliance Training

When it comes to customer data and messages, there are a variety of regulatory measures that a security software vendor must meet. QASource helped the team navigate the applicable requirements to ensure their software checked every box and maintained compliance.

Deep Scanning and Testing

During the initial testing phase, over 10,000 scans of the application were done, including cross-site scripting, SQL injection and directory indexing. The client required an end-to-end security testing solution.

Mobile Testing Results

  • Higher quality, more secure email hosting for both customers and their employees. Discovered and resolved over 70 high-priority security issues.
  • Discovered and resolved 115 regulatory compliance issues.
  • Provided full documentation to the client’s in-house team.

Common Software Security Flaws

User Authentication Issues

Despite best intentions, passwords and user authentication are often security risks for software.

Sensitive Data Exposure

Protecting sensitive information, including passwords, credit card details and payment activities is critical for mobile applications.

Broken Access Controls

Incorrect account configurations or missing account restrictions can lead to users accessing sensitive data for accounts not associated with their log-in criteria.

URL Manipulation

URL manipulation can pose a threat to your system if your application features important ID and keys within any URL. These include but are not limited to session tokens, cookies, hidden fields and session IDs.

Cross Site Scripting

Cross-site scripting can pose a threat to your application if your system supports untrusted data on a webpage without proper validation.

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