Thank You And Your Team For The Great Work

Your focus on technical excellence and client success are underscored by the loyal and long-lasting client relationships you’ve maintained. They have also been a key source of the success for my team and product here at IBM and previously at Valchemy and MAE Software. Quality assurance is more than just finding and tracking bugs. It’s about being intimately involved with all aspects of a product and influencing each step of its lifecycle to make it a success in the marketplace - from its architecture to design to implementation and customer deployment. And the team at QASource understands this. QASource has had a tremendous impact on our product, and I thank you and your team for the great work.

Pete and the IBM Accelerator team

Among The Best QA Team I Have Worked With

Your organization has enabled me to identify priority and other issues in a manner and depth of which I would not otherwise have been capable. Some of the issues that your team has uncovered and determined how to reproduce are amazing; I have worked in software in a lot of organizations and your team has been among the best QA that I have worked with, if not the best.

Managing Director for New Media/Advancement

Thanks For The Skills You’ve Brought To Our Testing Efforts

We feel fortunate to have been teamed with a dedicated group of professionals for the last 2 years. Our past releases of our products would not have gone as smoothly without the participation and dedication of your team. Thanks to you all for the skills you've brought to our testing efforts. We are very excited for you and look forward to our ongoing partnership in the future.

Vice President of Product Development

Grateful And Honored To Work With You

We have such a great QASource team. We've come to expect so much of what the team can accomplish overnight and so many people here have come to rely on the reports we get in the morning. No matter what challenge we throw at them, they will take it head on and thrive to exceed our expectations. Not only are they now testing the product, but they also write a good chunk of the user documentation and also support the product. Who knew they could do all that! I really enjoy our weekly Skype call, but just wish you could get a webcam too. And last of all, I can't tell you how grateful I am and how honored I am, to have been working with you for all this time. Your dedication and enthusiasm have really been exemplary! So, thank you, thank you, and thank you!

V.P. Engineering

They’ve Added A Tremendous Amount Of Value To Our Business

A team usually fails because of a lack of good talent, but QASource has a good process in place for funneling the right resources. I’ve had deep discussions with them and they’ve explained how they source members from local schools in Chandigarh, India, and then provide ongoing training before graduation. They test the candidates based on that training and only pick the best performers. This is a huge differentiator that I haven’t seen in other offshore businesses. We work with other offshore and nearshore vendors, but their management has become problematic. QASource has a strong management team in place that follows through on their commitments.

VP of Product Development, Legal and Risk Solutions Firm

They’re Easy To Work With And Have Amazing Talent And Work Ethic. Anything I Need, I Can Get From Them

QASource cares about our company and its success. Their main objective is to satisfy their clients’ needs, so they’re more than willing to hear constructive criticism. If a certain resource isn’t working well, they’ll immediately take them off the project and bring someone else on that I choose. They put their employees through an intensive training program, which includes English skills. I’ve worked with the same people since we partnered 12 years ago, and that consistency is one of the main reasons I’ve stayed with them.

VP of Global Technical Services at a Global Solutions Firm

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