Our Corporate Headquarters in Pleasanton, California
Is Ideally Situated in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Our corporate offices are minutes from Silicon Valley’s tech giants, innovative startups, technology research enterprises and top universities
  • Silicon Valley boasts the highest concentration of tech workers in the world, and is the biggest high-tech manufacturing center in the U.S.
QASource Corporate Headquarters

QASource Built Its Custom, State-of-the-art
Building in the IT Hub of Chandigarh

  • Chandigarh is a master-planned city, and the capital of two states in northern India
  • It is a university-rich city, home to more than 50 schools, and with three Indian Institutes of Technology within 150 miles, enabling QASource to choose and retain some of the best talent in the country
  • Chandigarh is known for its high per-capital income, cleanliness, architecture, cultural growth and modernity - earning its nickname, “The City Beautiful”
QASource - Custom, State Of Art Building In IT Hub

QASource’s Centrally-Located Office in Aguascalientes Replicates the India Office's Leading-Edge Facilities and Systems

  • Aguascalientes is a regional hub and a popular location for international business because of its exceptional business climate, excellent infrastructure, safety, and proximity to universities with quality engineering programs
  • Aguascalientes is known for its quality of life and prosperity
  • Located in north-central Mexico, Aguascalientes is an ideal nearshore facility in the Central Daylight Time zone for U.S. and Canadian business
QASource - North-Central Mexico, Aguascalientes

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