Manual Testing Services

While automation testing and artificial intelligence have gained a tremendous amount of traction in the QA industry over the past few years, manual or functional testing still has a major role to play when it comes to releasing quality software with a positive user experience.

Leverage Comprehensive Manual QA and Testing Services

While automation testing helps find regression defects quickly and can decrease the overall software development lifecycle, manual testing can help find the defects in new features of a product, and emphasizes the end-user perspective. Our team always recommends a combination of both to make sure that teams take advantage of the time saving and ROI associated with automated testing, but also ensure that specific user requirements are met through manual tests.

QASource’s Manual QA Testing Services Include

QASource’s manual testing experts have experience completing a wide range of manual tests and always create a custom approach for each of our clients. Below are a few of our more commonly used manual testing methods:

Review Our Manual Software Testing Approach

Our team of testing experts takes the necessary steps to ensure that our client’s application performs according to their pre-defined specifications. Our process includes the following steps.

  • 01

    Analyzing functional requirements in Sprint Planning meeting

  • 02

    Review the user stories and develop the testing strategy

  • 03

    Defining the test environment and testing tools

  • 04

    Creating and prioritizing the most critical transactions

  • 05

    Creating test cases

  • 06

    Executing test cases

  • 07

    Reporting bugs

  • 08

    Performing functionality testing, user interface testing, compatibility testing, configuration testing, integration testing, localization testing

  • 09

    Review/update the product specifications and user documentation

  • 10

    Provide detailed status reports, including testing reports, burn down charts, bug reports and test documentation

Manual Testing Tool Selection

Our team of experts helps each of our clients select the testing tools that complement their software development lifecycle, team structure and testing needs. Our testing experts are all tool agnostic and prepared to use whichever tools are best for the overall project. A few common tools our team uses for manual testing are:

Why Partner With QASource?

  • Nearshore, offshore or hybrid outsourcing options
  • A dedicated team of QA experts familiar with your specific industry and testing needs
  • Access to state of the art testing facilities, test labs and tools
  • A team well versed in specific industry rules, regulations and laws
  • Access to an advanced technology group constantly improving our Automation, Database, DevOps, Dev, and IT capabilities
  • Non-billable engineering leadership and US customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

What are manual testing services?

Manual testing services involve manually testing software for defects. They involve executing test cases manually without using automation tools or scripts. Manual testing services focus on a human-centric approach to ensuring the application's usability and correctness.

Why are manual testing services important?

Manual testing services are vital because they

  • Ensure Precision: Manual testing allows for detailed and precise examination of software functionality, ensuring it aligns with user requirements and specifications.
  • Enhance User Experience: Testers experience the application from a user's perspective, identifying usability issues that automated tests might overlook.
  • Capture Defects: Human testers can detect nuances and subtle defects in the software that automated tools might miss, especially in complex user interaction scenarios.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Manual testing is adaptable to changes in test scenarios, making it easier to explore and test various aspects of the software without predefined scripts.
  • Cost-Effective: Manual testing can be more cost-effective than setting up automated testing frameworks for small projects or those in the early stages of development.
  • Complements Automation: It plays a crucial role alongside automated testing by covering areas that automation cannot, ensuring a comprehensive testing strategy.

What types of manual testing do we offer?

We offer various types of manual testing services, including functional testing, regression testing, user acceptance testing (UAT), exploratory testing, usability testing, and more.

What industries do we provide manual testing services for?

We provide manual testing services for various industries, including banking and finance, collaboration, cybersecurity, eLearning, healthcare, legal, media streaming, retail, SaaS, startups, trading, and more.

How do I get started with our manual testing services?

Contact us to request a free demo or consultation to get started with our manual testing services. Our team will assess your testing requirements and propose a tailored solution that meets your needs.

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