Who We Are

For over 23 years, we have provided dedicated offshore quality engineering teams and expertise that work hand-in-hand with our clients to deliver thoroughly tested code for internal and commercial applications.

How We Are Different

Our proven approach combines extensive training, dedicated teams, and optimized communication protocols to quickly onboard new clients, deeply integrate with their development engineering teams, and maximize their output, quality, and speed.

Our Staff

To achieve this high level of quality and output, we make substantial investments in our staff, including rigorous onboarding processes, ongoing learning programs, work-life balance policies, and dedicated engineers for each client. The result is QASource’s industry-leading staff retention rates which reduce project disruption, retain legacy knowledge, and maximize productivity.

When we place a new engineer or team of engineers with a client, our teams are fully prepared to get to work on our clients’ projects with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to start making an impact immediately. And that team stays with the client for the duration of the contract, whether that be 8 months or 8 years.

“They have a lot of young talent. Well-trained talent. And they stay there for a long time, which is one of my key requirements as I want a team where I don’t need to replace staff every couple of months.”

Our Training Program

Our onboarding and training programs are second-to-none in the offshoring industry and based on the real-world experience servicing customers across all industries over the last 23 years. We are in the business of delivering quality engineering; that extends to our own internal processes which are constantly being updated as our clients’ businesses evolve.

“Anytime we have a new member that joins the team, I have complete confidence that the QASource team lead is going to be able to onboard them and get them up and running very quickly.”

Our Expertise

Most of our clients utilize us as quality engineering subject matter experts. We don’t just wait to be told what to do. We get deeply involved in understanding our client’s needs and proactively addressing them.

“It's not just us handing over tasks and then getting it done, they're actually reaching out and asking questions and bringing up ideas and ways for us to improve those tools and things that we find very valuable. This level of collaboration is unlike anything we have experienced with other QA vendors.”

Our Processes

We work very hard to make our software testing and quality assurance services as seamless as possible. We know how critical it is for development and quality engineers to work hand-in-hand and so we have honed inter-company communication protocols to a science. Clients constantly tell us that they don’t see us as an offshore resource but as a fully integrated extension of their own internal development teams.

  • This level of inter-company integration has significant real-world benefits.
  • Deep trust is built between the teams.
  • Communication overhead is reduced.
  • Productivity is gained.
  • Quality improves.
  • Development cycles are speed up.
“QASource is bringing in not just technical talent, but also management and proper delivery of their work. As we go forward, outsourcing companies need to understand that technical skills are table stakes, but more mature organizations are going to look for an organizational kind of impact from the vendor also, and that makes sense.”

Our Customer Satisfaction

Our exceptional net promoter score (NPS) and long-term client retention rates prove that for over 23 years, we have led the industry in offshore quality engineering.

“They'll find a bug. If it's there, they will find it.”
“Quality. We can never have enough quality.”

Retain the Best Talent With QASource's 91% Engineer Retention

For over 23 years, QASource has maintained industry-leading engineer retention rates (91%). Our proven approach of extensive training, optimized communication protocols, and dedicated teams helps onboard new clients quickly, and maximize output, speed, and quality.

We make substantial investments in our staff to achieve quality and high-level output. Our teams are deeply involved in understanding clients’ requirements and delivering high-quality software products that help them achieve their business goals.

QASource - A Leading Company Retaining The Best Talented Engineers With A Higher Retention Rate

We Are a Comprehensive QA Provider That Has Successfully Completed Hundreds of QA Engagements.

Software Testing Services Company

As an experienced software testing company, our testing experts guarantee that clients meet their product launch deadlines and deliver bug-free software products.

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Offshore QA Testing Services

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, QASource offers both nearshore and offshore software testing services to help clients meet their QA requirements and achieve their business goals.

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Distributed Agile® Model

How do we make outsourcing QA successful? We follow a distributed agile hybrid staffing model that combines nearshore, offshore and onsite technical talent embedded with US management.

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QASource Locations

Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, QASource has nearshore offices located in Mexico and Canada, and offshore offices located in Chandigarh, India.

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At QASource, we work as a team to tackle complex challenges, and ensure that we launch a software product that delivers the best possible customer experience. Come join us today.

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We are actively involved in helping individuals and communities around us. Check out some of our CSR initiatives, and see some of our initiatives.

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