Rajeev's invaluable experience on the client side of outsourced services played a pivotal role in
framing the core principles upon which QASource stands:

  • Customized engagement tailored to address each client's unique requirements
  • Empowering clients to achieve more with fewer resources
  • Ensuring transparent, open, and seamless communication between outsourced QA teams and in-house development groups
  • Offering predictable and transparent budgeting
  • Providing flexible staffing solutions enabling clients to adjust their teams in accordance with project demands
  • Assigning dedicated test engineers and teams to every client guaranteeing concentrated effort and consistency
  • Encouraging our clients to view us as domain leaders, challenging conventional norms, and consistently offering industry-leading practices

Our dedication also spills into our internal operations. We emphasize the professional development of our test engineering staff, relentlessly optimize our processes, and ensure comprehensive domain expertise throughout the team.

Our unwavering commitment to these pillars has fueled our remarkable two-decade-long journey, resulting in consistent double-digit growth annually. We've fostered enduring partnerships with our clients, many of whom have chosen to stay associated with us for extended periods—a reflection of the trust and credibility we've built in the market.

Significantly, 75% of our new clientele originates from engineering leaders familiar with the QASource experience, bringing us into new organizations as they advance in their respective careers.

We serve a broad spectrum of clients, from nimble startups to some of the globe's most recognized corporate giants. This rich tapestry of experience underscores our adaptability and our prowess in consistently delivering excellence, irrespective of project magnitude or intricacy.

In line with our legacy, we remain staunchly committed to these tenets, ensuring every client, be it a newcomer or a longstanding partner, experiences the exceptional service, expertise, and commitment that is quintessentially QASource.

Tailored Solutions

We create customized testing strategies to meet your project's specific needs.

AI-Augmented Testing

We seamlessly combine the capabilities of advanced AI technologies with traditional testing methodologies.

Seamless Integration

Our processes are designed to seamlessly integrate with your in-house team rather than operating as an external entity.

Extensive Employee Training

All QASource engineers undergo comprehensive training to stay up-to-date with the latest testing methodologies and tools.

Dedicated Engineers for Each Client

Our engineers are dedicated to working on your project only.

Tiered Leadership

Our non-billable project management comprises US-based customer success management, offshore/nearshore QA managers, and a dedicated QA team.

Our Culture

We prioritize continuous training, QA expertise, team ownership, open communication, high standards, meaningful work, attracting top talent, and caring for our employees.

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Are You Ready to Save Time, Enhance Quality, Improve Coverage, and Deliver Outstanding Software?

Discover your business's potential with our complimentary requirements plan:

  • Discover Your Potential

    Our evaluation will identify areas for improvements in your processes, highlight strengths, and demonstrate how our expertise can enhance your software's quality.

  • Technical Exploration

    We'll evaluate your systems, environments, and project needs in order to tailor our services to your specific requirements.

  • Customized Testing Approach

    We'll define the best testing strategy or combination of strategies for your project.

  • Setting Success Metrics

    Together, we'll establish quality metrics that meet your expectations for exceptional software.

  • Quality Roadmap

    Within three days, we will provide you with a detailed project plan, including a feasible timeline and a transparent cost breakdown.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can QASource benefit your business?

QASource can benefit your business in several ways, including:

  • Reduce costs: QASource provides affordable outsourced QA services as an alternative to in-house staffing.
  • Improve quality: QASource offers expert domain-specific testers who can help detect and resolve defects in your software.
  • Increase efficiency: QASource can help you streamline your QA process and improve your time-to-market.
  • Access to the latest tools and technologies: QASource staff stays up-to-date on the latest testing tools and technologies and can help you implement these tools in your projects.
  • Improve communication and collaboration: QASource has a proven approach to integrating with your team and can help ensure clear communication and collaboration between your team and our testers.

What services does QASource offer?

QASource offers a variety of software and QA testing services, including:

  • API testing
  • Artificial intelligence testing
  • Automation testing
  • Blockchain testing
  • Cloud-based application testing
  • Load and performance testing
  • Manual testing
  • Mobile app testing
  • QA consulting and analysis services
  • Salesforce testing
  • Legacy Application Testing and Maintenance
  • AI-Powered Application Testing
  • Big Data and Analytics Testing
  • Digital Assurance

What industries does QASource specialize in?

QASource works with various industries, including banking and finance, collaboration, cybersecurity, eLearning, healthcare, legal, media streaming, retail, SaaS, startups, trading, and more.

What is the experience level of QASource engineers?

QASource has a team of experienced domain-expert testers who can help you quickly identify and fix bugs in your software. QASource engineers stay up-to-date on the latest testing tools and technologies and can help you implement these tools in your projects. Our engineers undergo comprehensive training to stay updated with the latest testing methodologies and tools.

What is QASource’s pricing model?

We understand that pricing is an important factor when considering our services. However, as each customer's needs are unique, the price of our services may vary accordingly. We customize each engagement based on the specific requirements of our clients, so we cannot offer a one-size-fits-all price. In general, hiring one of our test engineers typically costs about half to one-third of hiring an in-house test engineer in North America. If you would like to get a more precise estimate, please provide us with your specific needs, and we will be happy to provide you with a customized quote.

How does QASource ensure exceptional service quality?

Through dedicated offshore engineers, significant investment in staff training, and an effective onboarding process, QASource achieves high retention rates, ensuring consistent project quality and speed while deeply integrating with clients' teams.