Our team of experienced QA professionals uses the latest testing technologies and practices to ensure that our client's software products meet and exceed industry standards. We work closely with our clients to identify their unique testing requirements and develop customized software testing services that align with their business goals.

By partnering with QASource, a leading software QA company, you can be assured that your software products will be thoroughly tested, and any defects will be identified and resolved before release. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unwavering, and we strive to exceed our client's expectations with every project.

Offshore Software Testing Services and QA Company - QASource

We provide full software testing services for organizations of all sizes. Our top-quality software engineers are experts in all types of software testing.

API Testing Services

Save functional testing time, reduce manual testing costs, test for code-level functionality, check overall build strength, and integrate GUI tests easily.

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Artificial Intelligence Testing Services

QASource's advanced lab provides AI-powered testing services for unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in today's evolving tech landscape. Experience the future of testing with QASource.

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Automation Testing Services

Build test automation environment rapidly, effectively develop automated test scripts, test your application, and thoroughly assess every test cycle.

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Blockchain Testing Services

Our testers evaluate the integrity, access, authentication and confidentiality of blockchain applications to ensure that they are secure and functional.

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DevOps Services

Improve your DevOps procedures with QASource's cutting-edge laboratory. Simplify testing across an array of devices, carriers, and operating systems for a smooth and seamless application encounter.

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IoT Testing Services

Our testers evaluate every device reliant on the IoT network, and ensure that these devices successfully transmit sensitive data without suffering a breach.

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Load and Performance Testing Services

Analyze performance testing needs, create custom test solutions, stimulate increased traffic, and measure the health and capacity of your servers.

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Manual Testing Services

Supplement automated testing with a manual component that tests user interface, installation, error handling, security, and more for best results.

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Mobile App Testing Services

Our cutting-edge lab tests hundreds of different configurations on all devices, overcoming the challenge of testing across handsets, carriers and operating systems.

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QA Consulting and Analysis Services

We make your QA more effective by analyzing the testing process, identifying challenges, evaluating options, prioritizing future milestones, and providing recommendations.

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Salesforce Testing Services

Achieve better operational efficiency with our Salesforce Testing Services. Our team regularly measures the integrity of the CRM and helps to roll out new features without bugs, so that teams can collaborate more efficiently on the platform.

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SAP and Enterprise Testing Services

In QA, SAP testing helps to validate the functionality of SAP modules to ensure that they perform as intended. Our engineers execute different types of testing, be it fixes, or patch management, updating configurations, or implementing new modules in SAP whenever there are changes within the ERP.

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Security Testing Services

Evaluate security to real-world attacks, expose security design flaws, identify security vulnerabilities, reveal relational shortcomings, and build end user trust.

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Thoroughly Test Your Software and Apps for the Marketplace With Our Software QA and Testing Services

  • AI and ML Driven Testing

    Leverage Differential, Visual, and Declarative testing that augments test coverage and accuracy
  • Robotic Process Automation

    Introduce advanced analytics and visualization models that revs up your product testing and QA
  • Continuous Integration Testing

    Eliminate bugs quicker, improve product quality, and release faster
  • AR/VR Testing

    Blend the physical and virtual worlds by creating a seamless AR/VR experience
  • Functional Testing

    Verify your programming by checking it against specifications
  • Cloud Testing

    Simulate real-world user traffic using Cloud environments


We reduce training costs and delays, and can immediately scale your services as needed.

Professional Testers

Headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in India and Mexico, QASource has the highest-quality QA engineers, so your QA is effective and efficient.

Leader In QA

Our software QA automation expertise allows us to develop custom software testing solutions just for you.

Membership Services

QASource is invested in your organization’s success - consider us an extension of your team.

Managed Testing Services by QASource

  • At QASource, managed testing services include a wide range of testing activities from test planning, test case design and execution, to test reporting and QA process improvements.
  • QASource offers UI/UX, functional, integration, compatibility, performance, usability, and managed testing services to ensure the high quality of your software within optimal testing time and budget.

Trigger Deployment at Ease by Using Slack and AWS CLI Commands

Mobile Testing Challenges

Our client’s mission was to give freedom to developers, QA, and associated team members so that they can handle the processes at their end easily. Currently, all teams are dependent on DevOps. However, to effectively deliver tasks, they require a mechanism that should be simple to use, easy to manage, and does not require deep technical expertise.

As we began working with the client, we ran into several challenges:

  • The users (Dev/QA team members) had to log in to the AWS console every time to execute the CodeBuild job
  • The job required multiple environment variables at run-time and all these variables had to be remembered
  • They required separate accounts per engineer to execute the job

Mobile Testing Solutions

To address the above-mentioned challenges, QASource experts offered the following solutions to trigger easy deployment using Slack and AWS commands:

  • Set up infrastructure using CloudFormation
  • Designed a Lambda function in Node.js and placed the same in the AWS S3 bucket
  • Created a private Slack channel and added the AWS chatbot application.
  • Execute the AWS CLI commands from the private Slack channel

Mobile Testing Results

  • Anyone added to the Slack channel will be automatically eligible for running the AWS CLI commands and in the same way, if anyone is removed from the channel then he/she cannot trigger the command. Hence, the authorization becomes super easy and efficient
  • Minimal dependency on the DevOps team for the application deployment
  • Teams without expertise in AWS can run the CI/CD pipeline easily
  • The client doesn’t have to manage multiple users' accounts on AWS
  • Users (Dev/QA team members) need not to log in to the AWS console to trigger the CodeBuild job



Vice President of Product Development Software Company

We feel fortunate to have been teamed with a dedicated group of professionals for the last 2 years. Our past releases of our products would not have gone as smoothly without the participation and dedication of your team. Thanks to you all for the skills you've brought to our testing efforts. We are very excited for you and look forward to our ongoing partnership in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a software testing company?

Software testing company provide QA solutions to test your software product as well as software testing services to offer you with more control over the development process. You receive help from these software testing companies in producing high-quality, marketable software products or applications.

What are software testing services?

Software testing is the process of evaluating and verifying that a software application or product performs as intended. Testing has advantages such as bug prevention, lower development costs, and better performance.

What is independent software testing?

An independent software testing provides a third-party, unbiased perspective on the software, enabling effective, uninhibited (assumption-free), and testing that fulfills customer requirements.

What are managed testing services?

Managed Testing Services cover all activities in a test project, including the entire testing process. The customer and service provider first discuss the project's "what," "when," and "how," as well as the "who."