Why DevOps

DevOps breaks down the barriers between development and IT operations so that they can be more collaborative when working to release in shorter development cycles. DevOps culture boosts the shift-left testing paradigm so that teams test often and test early. This helps in incorporating the feedback earlier than ever before and significantly reduces failures and critical bugs at the end of the development cycle.

QASource outsource engineers regularly and successfully integrate into client DevOps teams to support agile software development, continuous integration testing and delivery, infrastructure as code, DevOps testing, automated continuous testing, application deployment, data virtualization, and improved collaboration.

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QASource Has Assisted Dev Teams With Their DevOps From the Beginning

QASource can supply engineers who have experience working within DevOps and its smarter, faster environment in order to deploy faster releases. QASource can support your DevOps with these areas of expertise.

  • System Administration
  • Build & Release Management
  • Process Driven Approach in Implementing CICD
  • System, Application, and Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Automate System Tasks and Configurations using ConfigurationManagement Tools
  • System and Tools Integration for Deployment, Testing andReporting Automation
  • Source Code Management
  • Cloud Infrastructure Administration
  • Secure Systems from Vulnerabilities and Access
  • Make use of Application, Data and Storage Virtualization
  • Cloud and Containerization for Faster Environment Setup andAvailability
QASource DevOps Team

DevOps Benefits

Faster Time to Market

By implementing DevOps, your company can accelerate the software development process and enable quick and continuous feedback.

Seamless Collaboration

These days there is a huge need for business, development, and operations teams to communicate dynamically. Seamless collaboration is a core fundamental of a DevOps philosophy.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

CI/CD pipelines are built for your teams to integrate and develop code rapidly. This leads to an overall increase in quality, efficiency gains, and faster releases.

Faster Iteration and Fast Recovery

200 times faster iteration and 24 times faster recovery times can be achieved by implementing DevOps techniques.

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DevOps Success Story

About Client

  • One of the leading service providers to the 100+ financial organizations of the world
  • Provides the functionality that allows a consumer to integrate into their existing technology and also with third-party service providers
  • Helps maintain the position of the portfolio, critical data, and loan records
  • They are growing 30% each year with average annual revenue of over $60 million


Below are the main challenges that the client was facing before engagement with QASource:

  • Difficulty managing complex infrastructure
  • Minimal collaboration within QA and Dev teams
  • Manual environment provisioning
  • Inconsistent release process, daily build patches and frequent release cycle
  • Time spent on deployment issues


  • Automated infrastructure using Docker, AWS, Terraform, Groovy Pipelines
  • Implemented CI/CD and CT using Jenkins, Chat Ops(Slack) and email notification
  • Implemented containers (Docker) to build consistent and compatible environments
  • Automated complete end-to-end release process using CI/CD pipeline and test orchestration (using Selenium, Appium, Rest Assured)
  • Integrated Nagios to monitor the health of the application and CI/CD pipeline both on staging and production environment


  • Reduced manual effort by over 90% after implementing CI/CD and CT
  • Reduced 1/3 of the environment compatibility issues by using virtualization and containerization
  • Achieved 200x more frequent build deploys by use of automated pipeline
  • Achieved 24x faster recovery times by the use of containers and cloud technologies
  • Enhanced collaboration between teams
  • Increased confidence on deployments

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