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Challenges With Financial Software Engineering Can Be Extensive

Finance and banking applications are becoming a “must have” part of everyday life these days. From depositing checks with a cell phone camera or trading stocks in real time to planning for retirement all from the palm of your hand - the options are endless.

Financial software has thousands of dependencies making your team’s development, management and testing requirements highly complex and often resource intensive. With the continuous growth of new technology tools, shorter release cycles and stringent compliance protocols, there is no room for error.

QASource can provide you with financial software engineering and testing resources if your program requires:
  • Multi-tier functionality to support thousands of concurrent user sessions
  • Secure, encrypted transactions
  • Complex business workflows
  • Real-time and batch processing
  • A high rate of transactions per seconds
  • Large-scale, multiple integrations such as Bill Pay utilities and Trading Accounts
  • Robust reporting to keep track of day to day transactions
  • Strong auditing capabilities to troubleshoot customer issues
  • Massive storage system with disaster recovery management

What Sets QASource Apart?

When it comes to providing financial software engineering and testing services you can trust, we’ve spent over 23 years delivering expert resources, proven processes and best practices to help companies like yours stay nimble and competitive. Simply put, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Superior Expertise & Processes

  • With our 91% engineer retention and dedicated engineering resources, you always get consistency and strong knowledge of your business.
  • Our simple, easy onboarding and fast ramp up mean there’s no time wasted getting your program or initiative up and running.
  • To meet your unique, sometimes complex needs, we bring specialized, best practices expertise on multiple tools and development technologies so you’re always confident in our results.

Unmatched Customer Service

  • We build deep, lasting, 1-to-1 relationships with you and your teams with non-billable leadership to ensure your ongoing success.
  • We have a 97% Client Retention Rate and >25% of clients have been with us for 10+ years. More than 65% of our growth comes from existing clients or their references.
  • We’re big enough to scale and reinvest but small enough so you’re always our priority and receive the personalized service you deserve.

Smarter Technology

  • We maintain enterprise grade infrastructure and stringent data security – no exceptions.
  • We’re ahead of the curve, investing in AI technologies and Machine Learning to deliver more efficient automation testing.
  • We’ve developed modern, Offshore and Nearshore facilities with the latest testing labs and technology to meet your needs, fully aligned with US-based and localized leadership.

Highly Cost Effective

  • Reduce your engineering and QA costs by 60% on average - get 3 high quality engineering experts for the cost of one FTE.
  • We deliver expert testing resources or can augment yours to cost effectively ramp up or down to meet your needs.
  • We’ve assumed the costs for sourcing, training and developing engineering talent so you don’t have to.

Case Study

When it comes to financial software engineering, we’ve worked with clients of all sizes with a wide variety of requirements. One of our clients manages large, frequent transactions of $50 million or more, operates across markets worldwide and is associated with more than 50 global banks.

They had both mobile and desktop platforms requiring fast transactions, accurate, reliable pricing quotes and the ability to transfer sums of more than $40k at a time.

Mobile Testing Challenge

  • Ensure a stable, flexible and secure environment
  • Automation and ease of use for the engineering team
  • Accurate data with real-time access
  • Automation for complex test cases to uncover issues early in the release cycle

Mobile Testing Solutions

  • Evaluated tools for UI and API Automation
  • Developed data driven framework to support data intensive application
  • Integrated CI support in the framework to reduce time to market
  • Automated end-to-end test scenarios for maximum coverage

Mobile Testing Results

  • Automated 1,400 API test cases, saving 99% of manual testing efforts
  • Automated 5,500 UI test cases, saving 83% manual effort
  • Reduced manual testing efforts by 70%
  • Shortened learning curve for engineering team

Interested in More Success Stories?

Here’s another case study about a leading financial technology provider improving results with automation and API testing.

Meet Our Teams

Our teams act as an extension of yours to help propel the growth of your financial product and invest in your long-term success.

For every customer, we create a tailored experience that allows for flexibility with your current team structure.

At the heart of QASource Finance you will find 50+ finance domain experts who have completed hundreds of successful engagements. Our team of engineers are some of the top engineers in their trade.

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