Legal Tech Software QA Benefits

Partnering with the QASource Legal team will enable the following:

  • Centralized Storage

    Store files that are shared between computing servers
  • Automated Workflows

    Lawyers can digitize and automate workflows
  • Clear Communication

    Receive clear updates about projects
  • Increased Transparency

    Meet client demands and increase responsiveness
  • An Adaptable and Scalable Team

    Partner with a team that can scale quickly
  • Quality Data and Reporting

    Get data-driven insights for better QA

Our Approach to Legal Software QA

The QASource legal team is prepared to help your team implement, upgrade or customize your legal management solution.

Our team of experts will ensure your legal management solution has top of the line security features, supports all facets of your legal workflow, and increases efficiency for it’s users.

We specialize In:

  • Determining your specific system requirements and creating design specifications such as GUIs and functional workflows.
  • Implementing your legal solution based on requirements regarding rules, custom blocks, tools and Batch Display Components (BDCs).
  • Integrating your software with third-party applications that have an exposed web service layer.
  • Providing focused ongoing support and maintenance for your legal technology solution along with all of the necessary documentation.

Our Legal Domain Expertise Includes

For over 19 years, we have been a go-to implementation partner for leading legal tech solution providers. The combined and varied expertise of our QASource Legal team is leveraged in the following ways.

  • Analysis of the existing matter management system
  • Requirement analysis for new system implementation
  • Design documentation of the proposed design
  • Configuration and customization of the new design
  • Testing of the final system
  • Data migration from any legacy system to the new system
  • Integration with third-party applications and other systems
  • Go-live support, ongoing technical support and maintenance

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Manage Your Legal Tech Application With the Help of QASource Dev and QA Experts.

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