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  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence is useful in managing and displaying raw business data into dashboard reports. Due to increased complexity in the IT industry, QA is the key in assisting businesses with making intelligent data driven decisions. QASource helps by verifying the areas below:

    • Business logic
    • Design format
    • Export functions
    • Drill down reports
    • Sorting functionality
    • Report content
  • Case Management

    Case Management is the collection of multiple processes where patients can be assessed, planned, monitored, evaluated, allowing physicians to identify what kind of services should be provided to that case. Below areas are verified by QASource to enhance the quality of case management system:

    • Case assignments
    • Data security
    • Case manager license verifications
    • Correct case generation
    • Case closures verification
  • Life Sciences Document Management System

    Life Sciences Document Management System (LDMS) simplifies compliance paperwork and better protects intellectual property. It makes information easy to share, accelerates innovation and reduces time to market. We provide the quality assurance services of LDMS by focusing on:

    • Medical records stamping
    • Compliance tracking
    • Document indexing
    • Storage of forms in queues
    • Version control
    • File type conversions
    • File recovery and retention
  • Medical Device Software

    Medical Device Software allows a user to view images attained from magnetic resonance imaging and is used for diagnostic purposes that helps in detecting breast cancer. The areas listed below are the ones that QASource verifies to enhance the quality of medical device software:

    • Verification and validation of business requirements
    • Version controlling
    • Data security
    • Compatibility of the medical device software with hardware
    • Performance testing
  • Healthcare CRMs

    CRM systems are designed to be used in healthcare organizations to unify and harmonize data from integrated systems like Laboratory Information Systems, billing, courier, payer and other sources for secure collaboration. Below are the areas that QASource focuses on to enhance the quality of CRM applications:

    • Data security
    • Data transmission
    • Billing system
    • Clinical data accessibility and mappings
    • History tracking
    • Load/performance testing
  • EMR

    Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is widely used in healthcare as this helps in maintaining the patients' records electronically. It helps in reducing the paper work, making the task a lot easier and hassle free. QASource helps in enhancing quality of EMR application by verifying the areas below:

    • Data security
    • Patient data accessibility
    • Clinical decisions
    • Billing
    • Electronic signoffs
    • 3rd party data transmissions
  • Patient Mobile Apps

    As technology is changing and everyone is moving from computers to mobile devices. So mobile apps are very useful with keeping track of the health of any patient. The areas mentioned below should be the focus in order to enhance the effectiveness of an application. Here is how QASource helps by providing:

    • GUI testing
    • Data security
    • Performance testing
    • Platform verification
    • Signal testing
  • LIMS

    Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) allows businesses to manage samples, maintain patient records and generate results. QASource validates the entire workflow and results by validating:

    • Sample processing and lab workflow
    • Clinical data
    • Lab results through the UI and database
    • Integration with third party tools
    • LIMS automation
  • Patient Reports

    Patient Reports are electronic reports that represent lab results in numerical, graphical and text formats. In healthcare, reports play an important role as these contain crucial data and a wrong figure can cause risk to a patient’s life. QASource focuses on verifying:

    • Patient and doctor’s information using structured data
    • Lab result correctness
    • Graph plotting
    • Static and dynamic content verification
    • Automated regression testing
  • Master Data Management

    De-duplication of redundant data is mandatory to make the systems perform without any performance breakdown. Master Data Management (MDM) is used to standardize data, incorporate rules to eliminate incorrect data and remove duplicates from system. There are key areas that we verify to optimize business processes:

    • Data standardization
    • Adhering to compliances
    • Duplicate data
    • Survivorship rules
    • Field level verification
    • Realignment of linked objects
  • Clinical Documentation(DocuSign)

    DocuSign provides a solution for physicians to sign the document anywhere and on any device or platform. It helps businesses overcome conventional paper signing. QASource involves the efficient testing techniques listed below to validate correct data stamping:

    • PDF forms stamping
    • Storage of signatures
    • Signed document printing
    • Required fields validation
    • Obstruction in DocuSign emails
    • Integration with ECM
  • Requisition Forms

    Requisition Forms are an important aspect in healthcare as it helps the crucial data of patient, physician, ordered tests, and insurance gets stamped. We ensure the quality of forms through an in-depth test strategy including the areas below:

    • Static content verification
    • Format [font size, text wrapping/alignment]
    • Data stamping
    • Logic based form generation
    • Faxing and printing
    • Special character testing
    • Cross browser testing
    • Data security
  • Contract Management

    Contract Management is the procedure of handling agreement creation, price quotations, negotiations, finalization, amendments, execution, and terminations with third parties. QASource takes the following areas into consideration for better management of contracts:

    • Role based data accessibility and contract ownership
    • Contract life cycle workflow
    • Contract price quotations
    • Data security
    • Contract auto-renewals and expiration
    • Tier based contracts
    • Multi-currency compatibility
  • Payer Systems

    Payer Systems are widely used in IT industries and their correctness is a must to ensure the data flow between 3rd party applications is correct. Below are the areas QASource focuses on to achieve high quality payer systems/applications:

    • Data transmission
    • Data correctness and completeness
    • Appropriate revenue generation
    • Data security/compliances
    • 3rd party integration
    • Load and performance testing
    • Automated HL7 testing

Healthcare Standards

QASource provides comprehensive healthcare application testing by adhering to the rules and regulations of each healthcare standard being used in the application.

  • Conformance Standards

    Conformance standards define data that needs to be collected, how to represent the collected information and determine how to encode the data for transmission.

  • Transport Standards

    Transport standards address the messaging formation that is exchanged between computers, document architecture, clinical templates, UI and patient data linkage.

  • Terminology Standards

    Communication standards rely on code sets, structured vocabularies, terminologies and classification systems that represent health concepts.

  • Security Standards

    Security standards define a set of administrative, physical and technical actions to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of health information.

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In this success story, a medical intelligence company partnered with QASource and found greater efficiency and scalability to the Salesforce platform

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