Security of Patient Data Is Mission Critical for Healthcare Software Testing

You need a healthcare software QA testing partner who has domain expertise, a deep understanding of the importance of HIPAA compliance, and maintains strict security protocols. QASource could be that partner for you.

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The Challenges With Healthcare & Medical Software Testing Can Be Complex

Healthcare technology companies do not develop software in a silo. They must work with other integral departments such as Legal, Risk Management, HR, Quality and more. On top of that, most healthcare and medical software relies on other third party software and is at the mercy of those companies for new features, updates and compliance protocols.

Failing to meet the strict patient data security and privacy requirements for HIPAA Compliance can put your brand at risk and result in costly legal repercussions.

There are so many layers to developing healthcare technology that you need to work with someone who has the proven domain experience that you can trust.

QASource provides a plethora of services and resources for healthcare software development and testing including:
  • Testing to ensure compliance requirements are met such as PHI and HIPAA Compliance regulations
  • Software validation for moving into new markets
  • Helping Healthcare legal teams prepare compliance documentation
  • Assisting with ONC Health IT Certifications
  • Assisting in creating business intelligence reports for C-Suite members

Superior Expertise & Processes

  • With our 91% engineer retention and dedicated engineering resources, you always get consistency and strong knowledge of your business.
  • Our simple, easy onboarding and fast ramp up mean there’s no time wasted getting your program or initiative up and running.
  • To meet your unique, sometimes complex needs, we bring specialized, best practices expertise on multiple tools and development technologies so you’re always confident in our results.

Unmatched Customer Service

  • We build deep, lasting, 1-to-1 relationships with you and your teams with non-billable leadership to ensure your ongoing success.
  • We have a 97% Client Retention Rate and >25% of clients have been with us for 10+ years. More than 65% of our growth comes from existing clients or their references.
  • We’re big enough to scale and reinvest but small enough so you’re always our priority and receive the personalized service you deserve.

Smarter Technology

  • We maintain enterprise grade infrastructure and stringent data securityno exceptions.
  • We’re ahead of the curve, investing in AI technologies and Machine Learning to deliver more efficient automation testing.
  • We’ve developed modern, Offshore and Nearshore facilities with the latest testing labs and technology to meet your needs, fully aligned with US-based and localized leadership.

Highly Cost Effective

  • Reduce your engineering and QA costs by 60% on average - get 3 high quality engineering experts for the cost of one FTE.
  • We deliver expert testing resources or can augment yours to cost effectively ramp up or down to meet your needs.
  • We’ve assumed the costs for sourcing, training and developing engineering talent so you don’t have to.

Case Study

When it comes to healthcare software testing, we’ve worked with clients of all sizes with a wide variety of requirements. One of our clients, a leading cancer diagnostics provider, serves 850,000 cancer patients worldwide, delivering over 400 test results to more than 90 countries each day. The company also has 200 sales and managed care representatives worldwide.

Mobile Testing Challenges

Their first priority was a migration from their legacy CRM platform to Salesforce. Their existing platform wasn’t scalable for new products or the growth they were targeting. Additionally, it was expensive to maintain, required a lot of manual upkeep, and lacked the tools needed to take international sales to the next level. They reached out to QASource to help:

  • Successfully migrate CRM data and functionality to Salesforce
  • Ensure a stable, flexible and secure environment
  • Create automation and ease of use for the engineering team
  • Achieve accurate data with real-time access
  • Implement automation for complex test cases to uncover issues early in the release cycle

Mobile Testing Solutions

  • Team Structure: QASource provided a team of onsite subject matter experts (SMEs) to champion the migration. These SMEs served as liaisons, engaging and leading a larger offsite team to help coordinate and complete the automated testing work.
  • Test Cases and Agile: Over 3,000 different test cases were developed to meet defined business requirements and use cases. To help expedite the test process, the QASource team helped implement the Agile methodology for greater coverage and collaboration between Dev and QA teams.
  • New Automation: QASource’s test automation experts eliminated all of the manual work required by the client’s legacy CRM platform and developed test automation scripts to help expedite critical test cases and user scenarios.

Mobile Testing Results

  • New product launches completed and released to market on schedule
  • 40% increase in daily cancer tests completed
  • Increase in productivity for all internal users
  • Completed successful migration of data from legacy CRM to Salesforce
  • 75% reduction in manual testing effort

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For every customer, we create a tailored experience based on your needs that adds greater flexibility and scalability to your current team structure.

At the heart of QASource Healthcare you will find healthcare domain experts who have completed hundreds of successful engineering and QA testing engagements - they’re some of the top engineers in their trade.

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QASource's Healthcare Experts Team Mexico

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