Our Retail, POS and ECommerce Testing Services Include

With our end-to-end suite of development, testing and DevOps services, we test all facets of retail, eCommerce and POS applications including OMS, WMS and TMS, and ensure that the product meets all business requirements. Partner with us today and release a retail application that guarantees exceptional user experience.

  • Functional Testing

    Confirm each component of the retail system performs as expected
  • Performance Testing

    Evaluate end-user experience under varying amounts of user traffic
  • Automation Testing

    Shorten release cycles across touchpoints to improve the shopping experience
  • Compliance Testing

    Ensure that the website/application meets all regulatory standards
  • API Testing

    Improve website experience by incorporating APIs
  • Payment Gateway Testing

    Secure payment details while providing a smooth payment experience
  • Mobile Testing

    Ensure the performance of mobile apps that enable business
  • Integration Testing

    Ensure proper application interaction for a smooth customer experience
  • Security Testing

    Identify vulnerabilities in software to ensure security and reliability
  • Accessibility Testing

    Avoid fines by ensuring that websites are accessible
  • Cross-Browser Testing

    Ensure cross-browser compatibility for a seamless user experience
  • Cloud Testing

    Test app performance, scalability, and security in cloud environments for efficient operations

Benefits of Retail Domain Testing

Don't let suboptimal user experiences, customer churn, and revenue losses be the downfall of your retail application. Trust in QASource's all-encompassing testing strategy for POS, eCommerce, and retail applications to ensure your success. Our testing strategy will ensure the following:

  • PCI compliance to safeguard sensitive customer data
  • Minimized security risks for greater business resilience
  • Enhanced user experiences for maximum customer satisfaction
  • Seamless third-party API integrations for uninterrupted operations
  • Comprehensive and accurate reporting capabilities for insightful performance analysis

Common Retail Software Testing Challenges

QASource offers comprehensive solutions for eCommerce, POS, and retail applications to help our clients overcome testing obstacles. Let's partner together to achieve your testing goals with solutions to challenges including:

  • Addressing varying configurations
  • Catering to diverse user locations
  • Tackling complex interfaces
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations
  • Managing frequent updates and maintenance
  • Safeguarding confidential user data

Our POS and eCommerce Testing Tools Include

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