eLearning and Learning Management System Testing

As eLearning software grows in popularity so does the need for it to be tested thoroughly. Partner with our eLearning and learning management system experts for customized Dev and QA solutions.

LMS and eLearning App Testing Solutions

Use QASource to optimize, test and maintain your eLearning software. eLearning is a growing industry that continues to evolve as higher education institutions, school districts and companies of all sizes begin to leverage its educational uses.

Experience the transformative power of eLearning through groundbreaking technologies like AI and gamification. AI personalizes your learning journey, adapting content and assessments to your unique needs and performance. Engage in an immersive adventure through gamification, making learning exciting and enjoyable. Partner with QASource, the trusted experts in developing and testing eLearning software and Learning Management System(LMS), to ensure exceptional learning outcomes and seamless implementation. Experience the future of learning today.

LMS Development and QA Services

  • User Experience Testing
  • Performance and Stress Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Integrating SCORM content with Learning Management Systems
  • Content Migration and Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Section 508 Compliance Requirements
  • Multi-Platform Testing
  • Online Database Performance
  • Localization Testing



Managing Director for New Media/Advancement

Among the Best QA Team I Have Worked With

Your organization has enabled me to identify priority and other issues in a manner and depth of which I would not otherwise have been capable. Some of the issues that your team has uncovered and determined how to reproduce are amazing; I have worked in software in a lot of organizations and your team has been among the best QA that I have worked with, if not the best.

eLearning QA Testing Tools

Functional Testing
Accessibility Testing
Automation Testing
Performance Testing

What Sets QASource eLearning Team Apart?

Our team of experienced engineers has spent over 23 years delivering expert resources, improving processes, and updating our best practices to help companies like yours stay agile and competitive. Simply put, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We offer customized solutions and dedicated teams that can be onboard in less than 48 hours. Our dedicated leadership group explores the latest trends in the eLearning domain and continuously upskills according to market needs.

Superior Expertise & Processes

  • With our 91% engineer retention and dedicated engineering resources, you always get consistency and strong knowledge of your business
  • Our simple, easy onboarding and fast ramp up mean there’s no time wasted getting your program or initiative up and running
  • To meet your unique, sometimes complex needs, we bring specialized, best practices expertise on multiple tools and development technologies so you’re always confident in our results

Unmatched Customer Service

  • We build deep, lasting, 1-to-1 relationships with you and your teams with non-billable leadership to ensure your ongoing success
  • We have a 97% Client Retention Rate and >25% of clients have been with us for 10+ years. More than 65% of our growth comes from existing clients or their references
  • We’re big enough to scale and reinvest but small enough so you’re always our priority and receive the personalized service you deserve

Smarter Technology

  • We maintain enterprise grade infrastructure and stringent data security - no exceptions
  • We’re ahead of the curve, investing in AI technologies and Machine Learning to deliver more efficient automation testing
  • We’ve developed modern, Offshore and Nearshore facilities with the latest testing labs and technology to meet your needs, fully aligned with US-based and localized leadership

Highly Cost Effective

  • Reduce your engineering and QA costs by 60% on average - get 3 high quality engineering experts for the cost of one FTE
  • We deliver expert testing resources or can augment yours to cost effectively ramp up or down to meet your needs
  • We’ve assumed the costs for sourcing, training and developing engineering talent so you don’t have to

Scalable Teams

  • Within our organizational framework, we have invested in the proactive training of engineers specializing in the eLearning domain
  • This strategy enables us to integrate these trained professionals efficiently into ongoing projects whenever there is a surge in workload

Quick Collaboration

  • In-house Center of Excellence teams for security, performance, mobile, and AI technologies are readily accessible
  • CoE teams are available to provide expert opinions whenever specific requirements arise
  • This eliminates the need for additional time spent on research and exploratory work

Case Study - eLearning Domain

Mobile Testing About Client

Our client is a leading online learning service provider for tutorials, ebooks, practice tests, research databases, e-journals, articles, certifications, etc. The application is available on both web and mobile platforms.

Mobile Testing Requirements

The client was not only looking for QA services including functional, automation, and accessibility but also a team that can set up or streamline the QA processes and recommends the tools that are best suited for the application. The client came with the road-map of 6 months for the QA team that included:

  • Development of test cases for new features and maintaining test cases of 11 existing modules
  • Perform test cycles of smoke, sanity, and regression testing for every release
  • Automate 3,000+ test cases of 11 different modules in a single hybrid framework
  • Cover different test types, tutorials, ebooks, etc., meaning that the framework should support testing with different test data
  • Support for both mobile and web applications
  • Perform easy scripting to enable functional engineers to test script development
  • Ensure integration of automation framework with CI/CD tool
  • Identify the best tools for accessibility testing
  • Cover two levels of conformance, that is, A (lowest) and AA (mid-range) levels

Mobile Testing Our Solutions

  • Planned the ramp-up of 12 engineers in 4 weeks for both functional and automation testing
  • Functional engineers started learning the product and also started parallelly testing new features
  • A separate automation team evaluated the best tools for automation that supports both web and mobile apps
  • Our team developed a hybrid framework using POM and BDD and automated more than 3,000 test cases in 6 months
  • Our team integrated Appium for mobile testing and used Cucumber to support BDD in order to enable functional engineers to develop automation scripts
  • We integrated the Jenkins CI tool with an automation framework for CI/CD workflow implementation
  • Our team identified all the necessary accessibility tools that address all the relevant issues and created reports to keep stakeholders informed about the performance of these tools

Mobile Testing The Results

  • Reduced manual efforts by 75% after automation of 3000+ test cases
  • Reduced execution cycle time from 2 weeks to 3 days, which included execution and analysis on five different browsers and OS configurations
  • Parallelly executed test suites using different browsers and OS configuration
  • Automatically triggered tests for any change in automation framework or application code
  • Separate quick smoke automation test for every code commit done by the dev team
  • Ran accessibility tests of new and modified features with every release cycle

QASource Success Stories

Here’s another case study about a Leading University Expands Mobile Platform, and Decreases Cost with Mobile Testing.

Meet Our Teams

Our team’s promise is to act as an extension of yours to help drive the growth of your eLearning product and invest in your long-term success.

We provide each customer with a tailored experience based on your needs and will add additional flexibility and scalability to your team’s current structure.

At the heart of QASource eLearning you will find domain experts who have successfully completed a variety of engineering and QA testing engagements - they’re some of the top engineers in their trade.

We understand that workflow efficiency and product security are your priorities. Our team is dedicated to exceeding expectations and delivering an exceptional service.

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