QASource's Software Development
and QA Testing Services Include

QASource offers a comprehensive suite of services to startup organizations. These include:

  • Automation Testing

    Enjoy the benefits of speed and reusability with automation
  • Interoperability Testing

    Test software’s interaction with its components or other software
  • Mobile Testing

    Check mobile application software for functionality, consistency, usability
  • Load/Performance Testing

    Incorporate load testing early and resolve performance bottlenecks
  • Business Logic Testing

    Make data-driven decisions based on business goals
  • Security Testing

    Ensure sensitive business data is protected from hackers
  • Layer Testing

    Maximize non-GUI testing to reduce testing script dependencies
  • Compatibility Testing

    Test software performance on different networks, devices, OS
  • Data Privacy

    Safeguard customer data and follow regulatory compliances
  • Software Development and DevOps

    Incorporate the latest trends by implementing DevOps

Benefits of IT Outsourcing for Startups

  • Getting your product out on time
  • Curbing inefficient processes that waste money
  • Becoming more efficient in the release process
  • Eliminating post-release software bugs and further refining your product
  • Creating a formal process for startup QA testing
  • Extending your runway and reducing your burn rate
  • Helping you build a reputation for quality and reliability
  • Grow your business by enabling you to take on more, bigger customers

Startup QA Software Testing Challenges

Startups typically find themselves with a variety of challenges when creating proprietary software. A few of the most common issues any start-up team encounters include:

  • Limited Resources
  • Lack of Defined Requirements
  • Selecting the Correct Technology
  • API Integrations
  • Aggressive Release Cycles

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