Our SaaS Application Testing Services Include

Our team offers customized testing solutions for each of our clients, but there are a few services that most of our clients with SaaS applications take advantage of.

SaaS Application Testing Services

Business Logic Testing

Validating various features of the application focusing on a bottom-up approach to functional testing.

Compatibility Testing

Verifying the compatibility of an application across combinations of Internet browsers and operating systems.

Security Testing

Conducting web application security audits (aligned to OWASP standards).

Interoperability Testing

Warranting independence of cloud resources by validating and integrating heterogeneous systems (J2EE/.NET, mainframe, etc.)

Load/Performance Testing

Identify chokepoints, forecasting scalability and verifying the response time, memory and CPU utilization.

Layer Testing

Testing the communication between different layers and elements of an application while planning for and mitigating risks like a connection loss, server crash, and application crash.

Data Privacy

Ensuring no data leakage by employing Vulnerability Scanning such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, cross site forgery, session management testing, and web server configuration.

Common SaaS Testing Challenges

SaaS application testing presents unique challenges for Dev and QA teams. While no two SaaS applications are the same, there are a few common challenges that our clients come across. These include:


Setting up uniform and consistent processes are critical when developing and testing SaaS platforms, but the complexity of these systems can make outlining a testing process difficult and time consuming.

Establishing Security Protocols

SaaS applications typically have short release cycles and frequent adjustments which can lead to unprotected data if security testing standards are not identified early on in the process.

Verifying Third Party Integrations

SaaS applications often rely on third party software in order to perform their expected duties. It’s important to identify and create comprehensive API testing plans for any third party software.

Selecting the Appropriate Testing Tools

Selecting the testing tool that is best suited for your application, team and budget can be tough. Our team at QASource is tool agnostic and can help select tools that will increase productivity and reporting capabilities.

Ensuring comprehensive Test Coverage

SaaS platforms are often used by teams all around the world, so making sure it performs well in different locations and with different configurations is a must.

Our SaaS Testing Tools Include

Proxy Tools

  • Charles Proxy for Mac
  • Fiddler for Windows

Accessibility Testing Tools

  • Voice over for Mac
  • Jaws for Windows

Screen Recording Tools

  • Screencast-O-Matic for Web
  • AZ recorder for Android

Taking Android Logs

  • Minimal ADB
  • Fastboot tool

MAM & MDM Service Providers

  • MAM : Intune
  • MDM: AirWatch, MobileIron, MaaS360, Intune

Network Throttling

  • Network Link conditioner Xcode and used for performance testing

Mobile Build Installation App

  • TestFlight

API Testing

  • Postman

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