Media Streaming Software and OTT Testing

It’s important that streaming platforms and OTT software receive comprehensive QA testing before being released to the public. Our team of tool agnostic experts has over 23 years of experience developing and testing streaming software and will make sure your product is free of any bugs and seamlessly delivers your users content.

Media Streaming Software and OTT Testing - QASource

How We Test Live Video Streaming

Our team takes a comprehensive and customized approach to testing video streaming applications and OTT software. Our testing methods and support services include:

Areas of Expertise

  • Adaptive Streaming

    Test video quality based on network conditions
  • Downloading and Streaming

    Test download and streaming speeds over different networks
  • Unicast and Broadcast

    Test communication between devices on a network
  • Transcoding

    Decode media files that are encoded to change the size
  • Encoding and Decoding

    Compress and decompress video files as per requirements

Testing Methods

  • Functional QA

    Verify that novel functionalities don’t affect new features
  • Automation Testing

    Reduce testing costs and launch products faster with automation
  • Performance Testing

    Media should be reliable regardless of bandwidth issues
  • Security Testing

    Ensure the security of customer data and video content
  • OTT Automation Testing

    Test UI and UX performance for good customer experience

Support Services

  • Handling Live Environments

    Test product under normal operating conditions used by customers
  • Restoring Databases

    Recover data from errors like file loss or deletion
  • Supporting Live Broadcasts

    Share videos in real-time without pre-recording them
  • 24/7 Phone Support

    Find answers in real-time over the phone

Our Streaming Testing Tools Include

Our team employs a variety of up to date and accurate testing tools when testing media streaming and OTT applications. A few of our most common tools include:

Streaming and OTT Testing Challenges

Operating System and Device Variations

It’s important to make sure that your streaming service performs well across all operating systems and possible devices.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Similar to the points above, it is critical to make sure that a streaming service effectively delivers content to your users.

Automating Test Cases

Automating test cases not only saves your team time, but also increases the comprehensiveness of your test strategy.

Load Testing for High Traffic Levels

Streaming services may perform as expected with lower levels of traffic, but how do they respond when traffic levels double or triple?

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