Benefits of Partnering With QASource

QASource has worked in the collaboration domain for over 7 years. As your partner, we leverage our rich expertise on your behalf. We offer:

  • A dedicated team with extensive domain and workflow knowledge
  • Deep knowledge of common breaks and defects
  • Comparative feature analysis against competitor products
  • Suggestions for areas that can be automated
  • Deep knowledge of integrations between applications and services
  • Insight about different user scenarios
Benefits Of Collaborating with QASource

Team Extension, Sets Us Apart

QASource engineers come from India’s top universities, and they view QA as a career path rather than a stepping-stone. Since 2002, our “success for all” strategy and team extension model has helped us complete hundreds of successful engagements and retain 94% of our clients.

Collaboration Testing Team

Real QA Success

QASource has been crucial in helping us continually release great product. They have supported us in manual functional testing, regression testing, and test automation across desktop and mobile devices. Their support has enabled us to release more features and has ensured we knew all the risks in the product before releasing. They have been able to ramp-up manual or automation engineers when we need them to get the product out the door. Their automation team has developed tests within our framework, allowing us to incorporate them into our continuous release cycle. We really feel like QASource is an extension of our development team.

- Chris, VP of Engineering Leading Photo Storage & Collaboration SaaS product

Real QA Success with QASource

The Right Infrastructure Specifically Built to Support Cloud Products

We understand that the stability and versatility of your collaboration product is key, and we offer a robust infrastructure to support all of your requirements.

Collaborative Leadership Infrastructure

Secure, Top-Of-The-Line Facilities

Our 100,000 square foot, multi-million dollar testing lab is located in Chandigarh, India, a city renowned for its quality of life and progressive infrastructure. We enact strict security measures, both physical and logical, to protect your product:

  • 24/7 guarding of campus
  • CCTV cameras and access cards
  • Non-disclosure agreement with all engineers
  • Enhanced network security and monitoring
  • Secure project repositories
  • Automatic OS & patch updates
  • Antivirus, spam, malware and email protection
  • Access to client resources through VPN and PPTP tunnels
QASource India Office
QA Experts in Induction Room
QASource Conference Room
Secure QA Labs at QASource

Services and Specialties

There are specific QA services that you need for your product. Whether your product supports cloud storage, file sharing, document collaboration, planning, workflows or tracking, it is important to have QA engineers who understand how to identify the weak areas and have in-depth knowledge of the integrations.

Collaboration Services

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