Are there any industry specific standards that must be met, so that your product is competitive within the respective domain? Do you want to know what trends are influencing your industry and market right now?

QASource can help you become more competitive within your domain because we have industry specific knowledge

QA and Software Testing for Various Industries

Banking And Financial Application Testing

From setting up complex business workflows to securing and encrypting transactions, our testing experts can provide customized solutions as per program requirements.

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Collaboration Software Testing

Collaboration applications should adhere to a variety of government regulations. Partner with our experts who have deep domain expertise to make sure that your collaboration application passes all regulatory requirements.

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Cybersecurity Testing

Partner with our team of highly trained cybersecurity testing experts and keep the data of your web and mobile applications secure from cyber attacks.

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As eLearning platforms grow in popularity, so does the need for them to be thoroughly tested. Partner with our testing experts for customized Dev and QA solutions.

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Healthcare Software Testing

Partner with our experienced healthcare software QA engineers with extensive domain knowledge and a deep understanding of government regulations to maintain security protocols for your healthcare software.

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Legal Engineering Solutions

Our legal testing experts will ensure that your legal management solution is secure, supports all facets of your workflow, and increases efficiency for users.

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Media Streaming Software And OTT Testing

With over 23 years of experience in testing media streaming and OTT software, our team will guarantee that your product is bug-free, and seamlessly delivers content to users.

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Retail Application Testing

Partner with our testing experts and release quality retail applications with our customized suite of retail application development, testing, and DevOps services.

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SaaS Testing

Our testing experts employ industry best practices and the latest technology to run a comprehensive and custom suite of tests on SaaS applications to ensure proper performance.

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Startup Software Testing

From defining the scope to selecting tools and following aggressive release cycles, our testing experts can help startups with limited resources release high-quality software products to market on time.

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Trading Software Testing

We provide end-to-end testing services for trading software applications to make sure that their performance is not affected by the fluctuations of the stock market.

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