Obtain It All With QASource's Expert Cybersecurity Testing Services

  • Continuous Penetration Testing

    Simulate attacks to access data and determine security
  • API Security Testing

    Identify and prevent vulnerabilities causing organizational risks
  • Mobile App In-Depth Vulnerability Assessments

    Simulate attacks on mobile apps to check software security
  • Desktop App In-Depth Vulnerability Assessments

    Secure desktop and web apps from data security threats
  • Application Scan

    Analyze open-source applications against a database of vulnerabilities
  • Manual Cybersecurity Methodology

    Engineers manually test software for vulnerabilities and risks
  • Smart Contract Audit

    Review smart contract code to identify and mitigate potential security risks
  • Devops Infrastructure Audit

    Assess CI/CD pipelines, technology, tools, and processes used in a DevOps environment to ensure security
  • Blockchain Penetration Testing

    Perform security assessment of blockchain system to prevent potential cyber attacks

Constantly Evolving Cybersecurity Software Testing To Conduct Extensive Scans

  • Effective testing approach to ensure security measures are up-to-date
  • Ongoing learning to identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks
  • Provide expert remediation assistance, and one on one with cybersecurity expert when required
  • Intelligent vulnerability risk categorization which helps prioritize the fixes

Reasons To Choose QASource for Your Cybersecurity Testing Company

Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence at QASource constantly innovates and optimizes cybersecurity quality assurance practices. It ensures to provide quality, efficient, cost-effective cybersecurity testing services to customers by nurturing highly skilled experts and advanced lab facilities.

Cybersecurity Experts

By centralizing cybersecurity activities within a COE, QASource invest in the development of specialized skills and expertise required for the security testing that makes our team experts of this domain and keep them up-to-date with market trends. This ensure that we have all the necessary skills and resources to address emerging security threats and challenges.

State-of-the-art Facilities

QASource, a top-notch cybersecurity testing company, headquartered in the Silicon Valley and its state-of-the-art testing facility in India has advanced and cutting-edge equipment, tools, and infrastructure used to perform security testing. Using the latest tools and technologies we provide the best services to our clients and stay ahead of emerging security threats and challenges.

Flexible Teams

QASource can easily ramp your QA team up or scale your team down depending on your project’s needs.

High Retention Rate

With an engineer retention rate of 91%, QASource reduces training costs and delays, and your people, process and product knowledge stay with you.

True Partnership

QASource has flexible engagement models to fit the individual needs of its clients and offer custom QA services for the organizations to succeed in their endeavors.

No Other Cybersecurity Testing Company Combines Security Scanning + Expert Assessment as We Do

Security scanning tools can quickly identify common vulnerabilities and provide a baseline assessment of security posture. However, expert assessment can help to contextualize these findings, prioritize remediation efforts, and identify potential attack vectors that may be missed by automated tools. Therefore, security scanning and expert guidance is just one aspect of a comprehensive cybersecurity service at QASource.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of employing QASource's cybersecurity testing services?

Some of the benefits of QASource's cybersecurity testing services include:

  • In-depth vulnerability assessments
  • Helping with risk mitigation
  • Ensuring holistic safety for your assets
  • Evaluating security flaws in all facets of the application including design, code, implementation, and deployment

Can QASource help with security bug remediation?

Yes. We are committed to helping customers with the remediation measures for security issues that have been identified. We add the remediation steps in the bug report itself.

Does QASource have a security testing lab?

Yes. Our cybersecurity software testing COE has a dedicated security lab equipped with powerful machines and a variety of security testing tools.

Can I request a re-testing to check if the vulnerability is patched?

Yes, QASource cybersecurity testing services include verification and regression testing of fixed bugs. The successful remediation of the vulnerabilities identified is verified in the second round of testing when a new build is released after the bug fixes. We do a retest to make sure all the vulnerabilities are patched.

Why is an automated scan not enough for my business?

Automated scans are fast, and if the scan results are vetted by experts, they are accurate to a great extent. But there are vulnerabilities that only experts can detect. For this, you need manual pen testers to unlock the full potential of security testing and get a wholesome picture of your security posture.

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