What Are Software Development Services?

Software development services are geared towards designing, supporting, and engineering different kinds of software in such a way that it fulfills the business goals and requirements.

Software Development Services

Custom Software Development Lifecycle

As a software development company, we employ the best development processes and methodologies as a foundation to rapidly build cutting edge technological solutions. Our process involves the following steps:


We collect all relevant data from our clients to create custom software development solutions as per their requirements.


The documents and systems are prepared as per clients’ requirements. This helps us to design the overall architecture, and choose the tech stack carefully.


Once the analysis for the requirements is complete, then our team starts defining and documenting the software needs.


Developers start building the system by writing the code using the preferred programming language, methodologies and techniques keeping best practices as top priority.


Various automated unit testing frameworks and code quality tools are utilized to ensure best quality code.


Developers release the final software and check for deployment issues. Developers ensure best environment setup and zero downtime deployments utilizing the load balancing, horizontal/vertical scaling and CI/CD pipelines.


According to service level agreements with our clients, we ensure that the software performs as intended to meet business requirements.

BI analytics

Our experts consolidate data from multiple local and cloud sources into centralized servers and design KPIs and dashboards to evaluate and forecast business decisions.

Explore the Software Development Services We Offer

As a software development company providing development services, our experts are not restricted to any particular technology or domain, but are inclusive of businesses from different industry verticals. The following are some of the services we offer:

Custom Software Development
At QASource, our team of dedicated software developers has industry specific technology knowledge to deliver highly flexible, scalable and interoperable hybrid applications for web, mobile, and desktop usage.

Web Development
We cater to unique development needs of both B2C and B2B businesses, and offer robust web development services that help to accelerate business’ profitability with our high performing applications.

Mobile Apps
With years of technical knowledge and expertise, our team of highly skilled mobile application developers can create apps that offer excellent customer experience, with robust security features.

Product Development
Our developers outline a complete plan to modernize legacy software systems and develop new software products using their expertise. We understand the scope, explore all options and develop efficient and high-performing applications.

Software Testing and QA
QASource offers test automation frameworks for faster software testing and quicker release cycles. Employ our QA professionals to ensure a superior level of software quality and meet your project requirements.

UI/UX Design
As part of our software development services, we create wireframes and interactive UI/UX that clients can use efficiently for their businesses. Our designers are aware of the latest trends and practices in UI to effectively help you to scale your business needs.

API Development and Integrations
We develop well-documented reliable APIs that enable flexible customizations and integrations of existing software products. We build custom APIs for all applications, and add functionality to your software system by facilitating communication between apps.

Custom BI Development Services
QASource provides different types of BI services which include custom data migration, reports migration, BI tool evaluation, data validation, and data quality services. Depending on requirements we also develop custom frameworks to automate overall BI efforts.

We Are the Best at Providing Outsourced QA Services to Help Clients Release Better Quality Software Products

Product Lifecycle Management

From conceptualization, concurrent front-end and back-end development to deployment and QA, as a software development company, our agile, end-to-end product management lifecycle model covers all aspects of developing a product.

Product Lifecycle Management

Quality Assurance Testing

We provide comprehensive QA testing services to deliver high performing agile software solutions and applications.

IT Security Services

We run thorough threat audits to identify the most critical vulnerabilities within the infrastructure, and implement the necessary encryptions and safety protocols.

Infrastructure Support Services

QASource provides holistic IT infrastructure support like network management, system administration services, help desk management and so on.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

We have robust data backup and recovery strategies for on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid servers. These strategies ensure data integrity and efficient business continuity.

SLA Support Services

We adhere to service level agreements, guaranteeing compliance, and ensuring optimal reporting and management of SLA agreements.

Data Migrations and Upgrades

We perform cloud based data migrations, vital software modernization services and upgrades prioritizing data integrity.

Data Quality & Master Data Management

We perform data quality services on cloud based CRM like Salesforce and NetSuite. Additionally we also design master data for common entities across different applications by defining rules, maintaining data hub and re-duplicating data.

Advantages of Partnering With a Renowned Software Development Company:

There are many benefits in outsourcing software development services, which is why many organizations are relying on these solutions today.

Here are the advantages of outsourcing software development externally:

  • Flexibility: You don’t need to interview, hire, or train staff when you outsource your development services elsewhere. This allows you to allocate time and resources to other important activities such as marketing and business development.
  • Cost-saving: Outsourcing your software development needs to countries with a lower cost of living often means more savings for you. Meanwhile, hiring a nearshore partner can lead to less overall expenses since they can work quickly and efficiently at an affordable rate.
  • Time-saving: Speed is important in the competitive digital environment today. Being able to leverage time differences that enable 24 hour development decreases the overall time necessary to develop and test a piece of software or application.
  • Access to domain knowledge: Software experts eat and breathe emerging opportunities in their industry. Bringing these people into your process can help by providing you with in-depth knowledge in case you decide to expand into new markets. Certain industries that require specific domain knowledge are healthcare, finance and distance learning.
  • Ability to scale teams: Custom software development services let you scale up and down at any time based on your needs.
  • Meet customer expectations: Experienced outsourcing development firms can help you identify and research your target audience. These companies spend time engaging in personal development, so you can understand your customers better and meet their expectations.

Our Software Development Tools Include:

Over the years, QASource has become one of the top software development companies in USA. Our experts have expertise in using wide-range of tools required for reliable software development:

Advantages of Partnering With QASource’s Software Development Services Team

  • Nearshore, offshore or hybrid outsourcing options
  • A dedicated team of QA experts familiar with SAP applications and their testing needs
  • Access to state-of-the-art testing facilities, test labs and tools
  • A team well versed in specific IoT rules, regulations and laws
  • Access to an advanced technology group constantly improving our Automation, Database, DevOps, Dev, and IT capabilities
  • Non-billable engineering leadership and US customer support

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